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  1. MisaSasekage Elite Member 7h 38m ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 So true they're partner with Funimation.

    Yeah, true, they are.

  2. MisaSasekage Elite Member 8h 13m ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 Yup I can play destiny and watch my anime as I have CR & Hulu. Cr is paided one time a year. Anyways what's new?

    Once a year's not bad, just wish they had a bigger library of stuff. Not too much honestly, same old same old.

  3. MisaSasekage Elite Member 8h 33m ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 Yup doing entry level/management work while able to play ps4 in one day. With cards love it.

    Ah, that sounds pretty good then ^^

  4. DarkGeneralUnizaki 17h 30m ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 True alot of orders for new sets/products so i'm busy for awhile.


  5. MisaSasekage Elite Member 19h 35m ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 I love working as i've got a career now.

    That's great ^^

  6. MisaSasekage Elite Member 1d 5h ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 Awesome and well should be fun.


  7. MisaSasekage Elite Member 1d 7h ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 I have to favorite them is all. No worries Misa

    Haha, 'kay :) But yep no Mods up in here, just me & Monu (so I try to stay on top on making the tags here & reporting scans)

  8. MisaSasekage Elite Member 1d 12h ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 I see that's to bad been here six years and enjoyed that time of the site. I'll get to all the scans you sent me which is now over 2000.......

    Yeah, they all just disappeared for some reason...

  9. MisaSasekage Elite Member 1d 13h ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 Winter wonderland that i've gotten used to here on MT is cancelled?

    No Mods/Shequel is around to change the theme for the site (not sure which of the two change it)

  10. MisaSasekage Elite Member 1d 13h ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 Anyways is FFXV any good?

    It's at least an 8 or a bit higher out of 10, for me anyway. It had problems though, but it's not complete trash like some ppl are saying.

  11. MisaSasekage Elite Member 1d 13h ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 Always remember i'm someone who's lone buddha reached the seventh sense awhile ago. As truths become knowledge that become power. ^^

    Fair enough. ^^

  12. MisaSasekage Elite Member 1d 14h ago

    Quote by HaouJudai6 I'm chill thanks for noticing just I don't ever stop my quest for truths is all.

    Haha, you're welcome. And you shouldn't, if that's what you want.

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